Why You Need Gutters Around Your Whole House post

Why You Need Gutters Around Your Whole House

Gutters are an important part of your home, although they might not be at the top of your priority list when looking for features in a home. Though they are often overlooked, there are many benefits to having high-quality gutters installed on your house. 

Our team at The Rhino Gutter Company explains the importance of having gutters around your whole house and how to keep them maintained. 

Why Are Gutters Important? 

Overall, gutters protect your roof and the total structure of your home from water damage. They help avoid soil erosion around your home and protect your garden from heavy rain. 

If your home doesn’t have rain gutters, the rainwater will splash down from the roof and wash the soil away every time it rains. Excessive rainfall can also damage the foundation of your home and lead to cracks in walls and more. 

By installing the correct gutters on your home, you can prevent damage from occurring at the source. 

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Does Your Home Need Gutters? 

Do you live in Tampa? Of course, it does! Few houses don’t require gutters at all, but here is an easy way to figure out if you need them: 

  • Does your roof slope in the opposite direction of the house? 
  • Does your roof overhang 6-10 inches? 
  • If your house has concrete pads or gravel around it, is there good quality drainage?
  • Is your roof shallow? 
  • Is your house in an area with little rainfall? 

Are Gutters for the Whole House Necessary? 

Whether you need gutters around your entire house depends largely on the size of your house, as well as how many slopes you have dividing it. Properly installed rain gutters are highly effective, so it is often not necessary for gutters to run along the entire structure. That being said, it depends on your home. Some important things to consider include:

  • If your roof has multiple slopes, each must have a gutter at its edge. When it rains, every slope will drain rainwater in opposite directions, so you need a gutter and downspout to catch the water on each side. 
  • Many homes have roofs divided into two slopes. In this case, you will need a gutter on the two sides that correspond to the slopes and forgo the sections where the slopes come together. 
  • A low-pitch roof will allow water to flow more effectively towards gutters, but if you notice water left after a storm you may need to call for a roof inspection to ensure water drains properly. 
  • Flat roofs don’t require gutters on every side, but again, this depends on the overall size of the roof. Since there are no slopes, you may need to install “scuppers” that channel the water from the roof to the edges where the gutters are. If your house is quite large, it may require multiple downspouts to keep water from pooling on the roof. 

Another thing to consider is how much rain your area gets. Even if your roof doesn’t need gutters around the entire thing, you may need to customize your gutters and install accessories like Rhino Gutter Guards, downspout extensions, and Rhino Miters to protect your home. 

What if My House Doesn’t Have Gutters? 

If your house doesn’t have gutters, it is important to determine if you need them. Your house might not have them because:

Steep Sloped Roof 

If your home’s roof has a steep slope and has a large overhang, it is likely already diverting rainwater away from your house. Steep roofs allow rain to run off easily and if the overhang extends more than a foot from the side of your home, your foundation should be safe. 

Arid Climate

Though this doesn’t apply to Florida, homes in places like Utah and Arizona often don’t have gutters because there isn’t much rainfall. While they may occasionally get some heavy rainfalls, it isn’t enough to warrant the installation of gutters.

Very Old Home

If your home is 75-100 years old, it might not have gutters since gutters weren’t commonly installed on residential homes until the early 1990s. If your home is older than that, it is possible that gutters just weren’t installed when your home was built, and it may be wise to get them installed now. 

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Install a Seamless Gutter System in Tampa Bay 

If you are worried about whether your house needs new gutters or more gutters, call our team at The Rhino Gutter Company and we can offer our professional opinion and give you a quote for seamless gutter installation equipped with our Rhino Gutter Guards. 

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