Why the Rhino

The Rhino® offers a complete solution

Every inch of the gutter system and the roof has its own set of issues. We’ve carefully studied each of those issues and realized that a properly designed gutter protection system was needed.

We started by creating RHINO Gutter Guard® – a carefully crafted and patented micro-mesh gutter guards made of strong aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel mesh that handles an amazing amount of water while keeping even small debris like pine needles out of your gutters.

Confident in our beginnings, we continued to research more ways to provide complete protection for your home.

When gutters become overwhelmed in certain areas with heavy volumes of water, they ‘overshoot’ which defeats the whole purpose of having gutters in the first place. Our patented line of RHINO Miters completes THE RHINO® system by addressing such trouble spots as inside roof valleys, bay windows, and heavy water streams created by upper stories or underneath dormers.

Once our complete gutter guard system is installed, we wanted to make sure debris, pests, or small animals could not enter your gutters through openings at the endpoints. To cap off these openings and ensure gutters are completely sealed, we created our specially designed RHINO End Caps to enclose the whole system. 


Many companies claim their product will end gutter cleaning forever. However, after those products are installed, they fail due to poor material quality, bad design, or the inability to stand up to Mother Nature. At THE RHINO®, we can confidently stand behind our products because we utilize the finest materials and enforce strict quality control measures.

Our 20-year warranty guarantees that RHINO Gutter Guard® will stand the test of time with harsh outdoor elements and continue to stand up to its reputation as one of the most trusted gutter protection systems on the market.