Why Rain Gutters Are a Necessity in Florida post

Why Rain Gutters Are a Necessity in Florida

If you live in Florida, rain gutters are a necessity for your home. Gutters protect your house from water damage, help prevent structural damage, can help increase the overall value of your home, and end up saving you a lot of money and time in the end. Gutters are more prevalent in certain areas of the country than others; but if you live in Florida, they are essential for helping safeguard your house against storm season and year-round heavy rainfall.  

How Gutters Protect Your House Against Water Damage

If you live somewhere that experiences recurring rainfall and storms, it’s vital to protect a building’s foundation by keeping water away from the structure. Lining your roof with gutters allows the rain to be captured and transported away from the base, helping to prevent soil erosion or flooding. Gutters also shield your home from a slew of other issues, such as:

  • Dry rotting/rusting/mold along exterior of house
  • Erosion to the soil surrounding the base of the house as well as underneath it
  • Internal damage to the walls of the building and water stains (through open cracks or abnormalities in its structure)
  • Window staining/warping 
  • Damage to landscaping

Why Gutters Are Vital in Florida

With storm season being so prevalent in Florida, gutters are one of the most efficient ways to help mitigate water damage to your house and transport water away as efficiently as possible. Whether your property is a commercial building or a residential home, gutters are a necessity to maintain a safe foundation for a strong structure.

The Rhino

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