Which Gutter Materials Are Best? post

Which Gutter Materials Are Best?

It is essential to protect your home from water runoff and damage due to rain. This is achieved by installing gutters around the perimeter of your property. Having gutters on your home should be non-negotiable, but the material you choose is up to you. Because rain gutters are essential in maintaining the integrity of any home, make an educated and informed decision as you look at available styles and materials so that you can make the best choice for your home and budget. There are several options on the market today. The RHINO is your nationwide gutter guard and installation leader, so we’ve asked our experts to showcase several gutter materials you will have to choose from. Below is a list of the most common gutter materials to review so that you can move ahead with your next rain gutter purchase with confidence.


Vinyl gutters are often a homeowner’s first choice due to their easy installation and reasonable purchase price. Vinyl gutters are incredibly lightweight and connect by snapping sections together. This gutter material is easy to install but prone to simple mistakes that will cause issues later on. Improper installation can cause sagging and leaking. It’s always recommended to have professionals install gutters so that any warranties included will protect you. In terms of climate, vinyl performs very well in a mild climate. But it does not stand up well to extreme cold or extreme heat. If you live in a moderate climate, vinyl gutters could be an excellent choice for your property. 


Similar to vinyl gutters, aluminum rain gutters are cost-effective, lightweight, and readily available. Unlike vinyl, however, they are weather-resistant across the board. Aluminum can maintain its integrity in both extreme heat and extreme cold. This gutter material holds paint well—a stark contrast to vinyl which cannot be painted. The only concern with choosing aluminum rain gutters is the likelihood of denting and damage. Aluminum isn’t as structurally strong as other materials and can easily be damaged by hail or a misplaced ladder. If you choose aluminum rain gutters, make sure that you are careful and recognize that they can be delicate. Otherwise, they should withstand most mild inclement weather. Consider purchasing gutters made of primary aluminum, which is thicker and higher quality than secondary aluminum products made mostly of recycled materials.


Steel gutters are available in various styles. Galvanized steel rain gutters are the most popular as they are very competitive cost-wise and are sturdier than their aluminum counterparts. Steel rain gutters won’t get damaged by falling branches and ladders. Recognized as one of the most robust materials in the industry, steel rain gutters will perform for years, and they are virtually indestructible. Rust is a factor when considering steel, and though inevitable, with proper care and maintenance, this rain gutter material will last for many years.  


Copper is the most expensive material choice you can select for your rain gutters. Will you get what you pay for? Price is the main concern with copper because it competes well in every other category. Copper will never rust. Along with steel, it is one of the most durable materials in the industry. And it is one of the most attractive choices for homeowners. Copper gutters look more like adornment for a house and can increase property value and curb appeal. Expensive but beautiful! 

Sectional vs. Seamless

When planning the design of your rain gutters, the last thing to consider is choosing between sectional or seamless gutter products. Most of the above materials are available in sections, but a few are available in seamless varieties. It’s worth mentioning that aluminum rain gutters are available in seamless options. They are custom made to fit your home out of long single layers of metal. This design is modern and has incredible advantages. The fact is, gutter systems most commonly fail at the joints and seams. After years of wear and tear, this is the first place homeowners start to have problems. The advantage of seamless gutters is clear; seamless gutters will last longer and potentially have fewer issues than any other choice.


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