What Causes Gutter Damage? post

What Causes Gutter Damage?

Weather, improper installation, and animals are the most common culprits for damaging gutters. Being proactive about your maintenance and having professional inspections and repairs will help protect your home’s gutters from damage. Some of these issues are preventable, but over time there will come the point where replacing your gutters is the best choice. If you are interested in learning how to get new seamless gutters for your home, contact us today! With every gutter protection system ordered, we include up to 1500 in seamless new gutters. There has never been a better time to replace your damaged gutters!  


Inclement weather conditions damage more gutters than any other of the most common reasons. Heavy rains can quickly weigh down your gutters, causing them to sag or overflow to the point where water pours out and floods the surrounding area. High winds can pull gutters entirely off. Snow is too dense for poorly installed or loose gutters to hold. Don’t put off your gutter maintenance until the spring. 

Improper Installation 

If licensed professionals aren’t the ones installing your gutters, it’s likely they will have issues. Stick with the professionals when it’s time to repair or replace your gutters. The cost will double if a DIY goes wrong. Start with a professional inspection and go from there!


Animals can cause some of the most expensive damage to your gutters. Debris and standing water attract insects, and birds are more likely to nest in gutters that have an accumulation of debris. Squirrels and mice can easily access clogged gutters by traveling over the top of them, and nests are often built among the clogged debris. The only way to prevent issues related to animals, insects, and others pests is to either clean your gutters twice a year or hire a company to do it. If you would rather NEVER clean a gutter again, consider investing in one of The RHINO’s gutter protection systems. For a limited time, we are including the cost of seamless gutters with each gutter protection purchase. 

The RHINO Gutter Guard®

The only way to protect your house long-term is to protect your gutters. The RHINO Gutter Guard® system will keep your gutters from clogging and critters out for the next twenty years. Just imagine not having to clean your gutters for twenty years! Mention this article, and for a limited time, new seamless gutters are included with any RHINO Gutter Guard® protection system purchase—a $1500 average value!

Never clean another gutter!

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