The History of the Gutter Guard


While GUTTER GUARD manufacturers all claim to have “pioneered” the gutter protection industry in the recent past, the truth of the matter is that the gutter protection concept followed shortly after the invention of the gutters themselves. Patent applications for gutter protection date back into the 19th century and the quest for the “perfect” gutter guard has been an ongoing effort since.

There have been literally thousands and thousands of ideas and approaches applied to this quest over the years, and some of them have been somewhat effective, but most have been very poorly executed.

Gutters themselves are necessary to protect a home’s foundation and structural integrity. When the foundation is compromised, the structural integrity of the home is also, so gutters play no small role in deterring this potential devastation. If the gutters become clogged, they fail to “manage” the water correctly and the whole purpose of installing them becomes moot.

Hence the need for “gutter protection”.

Over the years, property owners have been keenly aware of the need to keep their gutters operating properly to avoid damage to their home and most diligently clean them out to ensure proper water management, but doing so is a cumbersome and dirty task. As the years passed and the drudgery of this required maintenance task became more and more prevalent in society, interest really started to pick up in finding a permanent solution to the problem.

In the late 1950’s and all during the 1960’s, inventors and manufacturers brought forth” large opening” screened products that they believed would ease the pain of the property owner, but none seemed to entirely eradicate all of the issues associated with keeping gutters clean. In the 1970’s, a new technology was introduced (reverse curve) and it really put the gutter protection industry on the map. Sadly, this design had many flaws as well and has now become obsolete.

However, the introduction of that technology was not in vain, as it brought forth the gutter protection “awareness” that almost every property owner now possesses. The importance of the need for a product to protect gutters was undeniable.

That awareness spawned a veritable plethora of concepts and ideas and during the 1980’s and 1990’s, the market became flooded with gutter protection gadgets, gimmicks, novelties, and unfulfilled promises (coupled with all of the schemes and the scams).

Unfortunately, that flood of products created confusion for the property owner and as the gimmicks and gadgets began to fail, and the warranties went ignored, and the manufacturers disappeared, the consumers began to feel swindled and the tag of “fraud” was applied to the entire gutter protection industry.

At the turn of the current century, a new technology was developed and introduced by RHINO Gutter Guard’s founder. Micro-mesh. This technology reinvented the gutter protection industry and new interest by property owners in a potential “permanent solution” was born.

However, even though this new technology has spurned renewed interest, the product choices are still vast and the gimmicks and gadgets continue to undermine and compromise the legitimate manufacturers of quality products. The following is a listing of what “technology” is available in gutter protection today along with the pitfalls and shortcomings of each.

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