The Drawbacks of Not Having Gutters post

The Drawbacks of Not Having Gutters

When you live in a rainy city like Tampa you learn that rain gutters are a necessity. But many homes don’t have them since they often aren’t required by building codes. 

If your home doesn’t have gutters or you are planning on building a new home, you might be wondering, “Do I need gutters?” The answer is a plain and simple: “Yes!”

Let’s discuss the many drawbacks of not having gutters on your home. 

Damaged Home Exterior

During rainstorms (and we get a lot of them here in Tampa!), a lot of water can run down the sides of your house which can lead to chipped or peeled paint, damp walls, and damaged siding. 

Damp walls can become a breeding ground for mold to grow which can pose a health risk for all those that occupy the property. Further, walls that are made of wood can be prone to rotting over time, putting your home’s structural integrity at risk. 

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Garden Erosion

If you have a green thumb and your beautiful garden is a highlight of your yard, a deluge of rain coming from your home could destroy your plants and all your hard work will be for nothing if you don’t have a proper rain gutter system in place. 

Over time, erosion can occur due to excess water from your roof running over the soil in your yard and garden, leaving your landscaping and yard a muddy mess. Believe it or not, rainwater coming off your home (if you don’t have gutters) has enough force to wash away soil faster than just falling rainwater. 

Garden erosion from lack of gutters can result in extensive damage, which may need expensive treatments and remediations to make your yard and garden fertile and beautiful again. 

Foundation Damage

This is a big one. If you can prevent damage to your foundation by installing gutters, do it! Foundation damage occurs when excess rainwater from your roof isn’t redirected away from your home properly, but instead permeates through to your foundation, weakening the concrete and eventually compromising the structural integrity of your home. 

This is one of the main reasons that rain gutters exist—to prevent water damage to your home by diverting rainwater away from your home. Remember, foundation repairs can be quite costly, so it is crucial to protect your foundation in any way that you can.

Stained or Rotting Siding

We briefly touched on this before, but if you don’t have gutters, the rain will run freely down the sides of your house, causing all kinds of staining and damage. Frequent soaking of wood siding can lead to rot. While vinyl siding might not rot, staining can reduce the value of your home and its curb appeal. 

And it’s not just your home’s siding that might sustain damage. Think about your deck or patio. Outdoor patios, decking, and wooden structures that are constantly exposed to rainwater coming from your roof won’t look nice or function as they should in the long term. 

Concrete sidewalks, driveways, and patios have even been known to crack due to excess rainwater. 

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