The Difference Between Seamed and Seamless Gutters post

The Difference Between Seamed and Seamless Gutters

Gutters are an essential tool to help protect your home from damage. Moisture accumulation should be routed down and away from your roofline and kept clear of your foundation. Any pooling of water around your property can cause significant issues— leaking roof lines, cracked foundations, etc. There are two primary styles of gutters: seamed or sectional gutters, and seamless gutters. By comparing the two options, you will better understand their features and what might be best for your home and budget. 


  • Seamed or sectional gutters use smaller components of gutter, fastened at the “seams”
  • These seams or joints can be found throughout the gutter system, creating opportunities for debris and blockage
  • Seamed gutters require far more maintenance than their seamless competitors
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy to install


  • Seamless gutters are designed and formed—often onsite—with a specialized machine, so the only joints are at your home’s exterior corners. Seamless gutters are more costly, but offer numerous benefits as a result
  • A perfect fit! Your home will have custom-made, seamless gutters, cut to the exact specifications of your property. This perfect fit means you will have a better functioning gutter system long-term!
  • Less maintenance! Seamless gutters require less maintenance because they are nearly free of joints. The lack of seams and joints eliminates the opportunity for debris accumulation. With less debris comes fewer creatures attracted to your gutters. Seamless gutters are by far less maintenance than the seamed version. If you never want to clean a gutter again, check out The RHINO patented gutter guard system. Guaranteed for 20 years! 
  • Fewer clogs! The lack of seams on your gutter system prevents unwanted debris from accumulating in those spaces, and it also prevents the gutters from getting backed up. As we all know, a clogged gutter is a useless gutter. The only way to prevent your gutters from being blocked or backed up is to install gutter guards, so you avoid the opportunity for debris to clog the gutter in the first place! 
  • Less opportunity for leaks, rust, and damage to your gutter system
  • Variety! Seamless gutters are manufactured in a variety of materials. To learn more, check out our recent blog, “Which gutter materials are best?”
    • Aluminum is available in several colors, which means no painting is required
    • Steel is the most substantial option, but it is known to rust with moisture
    • Copper and aluminum are solid and are less likely to rust
    • Vinyl is very popular due to its low cost and durability. It doesn’t rust or require painting. Vinyl gutters should only be chosen for moderate climates, as they are known to crack and warp under extreme heat or cold 
  • Most seamless gutters can be painted to match your home exterior. Or you can choose a style with an enamel finish that doesn’t require painting. 


Seamless gutters are the way to go! Though slightly more expensive than their seamed competitors, the benefits far outweigh the cost. If you are in the market for seamless gutters, look at our gutter guard protection systems. The only guaranteed way to eliminate gutter maintenance is to protect them! With every gutter guard protection package right now, we are offering a $1500 value in seamless gutters. Contact us today for more details! At THE RHINO, we’ve got your gutters covered!