Should I Repair or Replace Rusted Gutters? post

Should I Repair or Replace Rusted Gutters?

Your home’s gutter system is often an overlooked part of your home. It is so overlooked that sometimes it only gets attention when your gutters aren’t working properly. One common issue is rust, which is caused by rain and humidity over time.

The build-up of rust on your gutters can be detrimental to your entire property. But should they be repaired or replaced? Our gutter pros at The Rhino Gutter Company explain!

Rusty Gutters

Certain metals, like iron and steel, can rust when exposed to water. When this happens, the rust will eat away at the metal and eventually cause holes in the gutter. It can also affect the appearance of your property.

Most modern buildings are treated with anti-rust paint, though aluminum has been shown to last longer than other metal components.

Rusted gutters compromise the system’s functionality, and in most cases, a gutter replacement may be necessary. This will prevent the gutters from allowing rainwater to damage your house’s foundation from these rusted areas of your gutters.

Causes of rusty gutters:

  • Pollen and leaf debris
  • Standing water
  • Reactions with other metals
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • General gutter neglect

It is important to remember that gutters are not going to rust on their own. Something needs to break down the outside layer of the aluminum, allowing rust to infiltrate the material. Acidic pollen, reactions with other metals, and gutter neglect are common culprits.

How to Spot Rust

Rust develops gradually, which is why you need to know how to spot it immediately. Aside from checking the exterior of your gutters, you should check the inside as well.

Rust is reddish-brown in color and will stand out on clean metal. This is easy to see on the outside of your gutters but make a point to check the insides too. Check for rust frequently, especially during the rainy season.

If water, leaves, and other debris are allowed to sit in your gutters they will eventually rust. But if you have Rhino Gutter Guards installed, you can forgo clogged gutters and subsequent rust. Plus, it will be easier to check for rust inside your gutters when they aren’t full of leaves!

Rusted Gutter Repair

If you notice rust in your gutter system, it doesn’t automatically mean that you need to replace it immediately. Minor rust damage can be easily repaired, and all you need to do is scrub it with a wire brush. After scrubbing it, wait for it to dry, and then treat it with a metal primer to prevent rust. Further, make sure your gutters are kept clean!

If you see large holes due to rust, you should have these sections of your gutter system replaced since they can be difficult to patch, depending on the severity of the damage.

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Rusted Gutters? No Problem

If your gutters are rusted, make sure to call The Rhino Gutter Company for an inspection as soon as possible. This is the only way to prevent further damage that can cost you a lot of money!

Call The Rhino Gutter Company at (888) 407-4466 for seamless gutter and Rhino Gutter Guard installations to help you maintain the integrity of your gutter system. Don’t wait! Contact us today!