Property Damages That Gutters Help You Protect Against post

Property Damages That Gutters Help You Protect Against

Gutters are an essential component of your home, as they prevent deluges of rainwater from seeping into your home. As a homeowner, you should ensure that your gutters function well, and the only way to do that is to check their performance periodically and install Rhino Gutter Guards to keep leaves and other debris out.

Our team at The Rhino Gutter Guards discusses your gutter system’s importance as well as the benefits of our patented Rhino Gutter Guards.

The Importance of Gutters

Gutters and downspouts are critical in any roofing system to redirect rain. Water can be damaging and can lead to all kinds of problems.

Here are just some of the benefits that a proper gutter system can provide:

  • Prevents flooding and cracking of your foundation
  • Acts as a barrier for the topsoil, preventing it from being washed away
  • Protects your landscape and maintains the curb appeal of your home
  • Prevents water from falling onto patios or viewing decks as well as entry points into your home
  • Protects windows and doors from water damage
  • Keeps your yard from becoming waterlogged

Foundation Damage

One of the biggest problems that could be caused by not having gutters is foundation damage. Chronic flooding and water sitting next to your home’s foundation allow cracks to form that can shift the structure that your house sits on, eventually making it unsafe for your family to live in.

Roof Damage

Your roof can suffer damage if you don’t have gutters installed. If rainwater is not properly diverted, it will pool in specific places, causing leaks that can seep into the frame and fascia of your house, not to mention the roof itself.

This pooling of water can lead to roof rot and even mold—which can cause significant health problems and cost thousands to remedy.

Cracks in Sidewalks and Driveways

Another common danger of not having gutters is water getting under your sidewalks and driveway. Just like your home’s foundation, the concrete and asphalt of your driveway and walkways can crack and shift due to water damage from un-diverted rainwater.

Landscape Erosion

When you don’t have gutters and water splashes out to areas where it shouldn’t, torrents of water can wash away mulch and plants, and can even attract unwanted pests in the landscaping you have lovingly tended to.

Rhino Gutter Guards

All of this can pile extra repairs on your plate, while also damaging your home’s overall curb appeal. But don’t worry, there is an easy solution; having gutters installed and of course, Rhino Gutter Guards!

Our patented Gutter Guards are made from stainless steel micro mesh over an expanded aluminum that prevents debris from entering your gutter system. Plus, their embossed texture feature deters debris from sticking to the gutter guard’s surface by minimizing the surface contact area.

While some debris may still collect on top of your gutter guards, they are much easier to clean than the inside of your gutters. You won’t have to dig awkwardly to scoop out handfuls of twigs, leaves, and pine needles! If you have gutter guards installed, the time spent maintaining your gutter system will be greatly reduced.

Say goodbye to gutters clogged with leaves, pine needles, dirt, pollen, or other debris with Rhino Gutter Guards!

Pest Infestations

Gutter guards also prevent pests from infesting your gutter system, since they minimize the amount of pooling water that is sitting in the gutters. Less standing water means that there is less chance for insects and pests to use your gutters as a breeding ground.

Plus, damage-causing rust won’t be able to form if there isn’t stagnant water inside your gutters!

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Protect Your Property

If you are ready to protect your home from all the damage that un-diverted rainwater can cause, call our team at The Rhino Gutter Company at (888) 407-4466 for a Rhino Gutter Guard, or seamless gutter system quote!

We will ensure that your home is protected!