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Problems Cause by Leaky Gutters

Having leaking gutters is a serious problem. Homeowners are always unpleasantly surprised to find out how much damage is caused by gutters that aren’t functioning. If your gutters are overrun with greenery and not protecting your home, it’s time to get them fixed. Plants and small trees belong in the yard, not on your roof! When a gutter clogs, it fills with water, overflows, and becomes useless. Issues caused by debris collecting in your gutters are:

  • Water overflow causing foundation damage and erosion
  • Broken gutters from the weight of water, leaves, and other debris
  • Water leaking into your walls, attic, and floorboards
  • Moisture problems that encourage mold growth and pest infestation


In a 2,000-square-foot home, each inch of rain translates to more than 1000 gallons of water pouring down your roof! A functioning gutter should carry water through a downspout and away from your home. What happens when they get clogged? The opposite—forcing water to spill over the sides and pour down your walls. When water accumulates around your foundation it can cause erosion, weakening the walls and leading to cracked foundations (a very expensive issue to repair!).

Broken gutters

When your gutters are clogged, the water they collect has no place to go. Instead, it fills your gutters to the brim. One gallon of water weighs approximately 8 pounds. Imagine that weight pulling your gutters down and away from the roofline.

Problems caused by leaky gutters RHINO_CS Edits 2

Wall and ceiling damage

Clogged gutters can also cause water leaks on the inside of your home. Trapped water can rot the wooden fascia boards your gutters are mounted to, letting moisture enter your home. In the winter months, ice dams can drive snow underneath your shingles. And let’s not forget about wet basements. If your basement isn’t properly sealed, the water pouring down your foundation can lead to moisture seeping through your basement’s porous walls and floor.

Insect infestations

Stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. Bees and wasps also love building their nests in damp areas with leaves and mud. Gutters without any protection will fill with debris from surrounding trees. No matter where you live, nature’s elements will find a way into your gutters and lead to severe problems.

The RHINO Gutter Guard®

Leaky or malfunctioning gutters cause many expensive problems. This is just a small list. The only way to protect your house long-term is to protect your gutters. The RHINO Gutter Guard® system will keep your gutters from clogging and critters out for the next twenty years. Just imagine not having to clean your gutters for twenty years! Mention this article and for a limited time, new seamless gutters are included with any RHINO Gutter Guard® protection system purchase—a $1500 average value!

Never clean another gutter!

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