No More Gutter Cleaning with Gutter Guards post

No More Gutter Cleaning with Gutter Guards

It’s no secret that climbing up on a ladder to clean your gutters of debris is a pain. Right? Luckily, there is a way to make the chore of cleaning gutters a thing of the past. After all, your time could be spent elsewhere. That’s where Rhino Gutter Guards come in! But before we discuss gutter guards, let’s talk about why you’ll want to ditch gutter cleaning. 

Why You Should Ditch Gutter Cleaning 

Here are some of The Rhino Gutter Company’s top reasons why you should ditch the chore of gutter cleaning! 

It Takes Time 

Ok, sure, you may only have to clean your gutters maybe two or three times a year (or more if you live in a heavily wooded area), but when the day comes to clean them, wouldn’t you rather spend the time doing something else? 

Depending on the size of your home, gutter cleaning can wind up being an all-day chore. That’s a day better spent barbequing, watching football, or hanging out with your family. Maybe it’s only a couple of days out of the year, but we could all use more time to do our favorite things with our favorite people! 

You Need Tools 

You’ll need gloves, a trowel to scoop and scrape out debris, goggles, a rake or a broom, and a garbage bag. Plus, let’s not forget a ladder! And that’s what leads us to our next point why you should give up cleaning out your gutters for good. 

It’s Risky 

There are thousands of falls from ladders reported every year in the United States, with 97 percent occurring around the home. The truth is, ladders are dangerous. Every time you climb one you are putting yourself at risk. Further, with all the tools that you are bringing with you to clean your gutters, it can put you in a very precarious position. 

It Can Be Costly 

So, let’s say that you want to avoid climbing that ladder yourself. Great. But your gutters still need to be cleaned, so you hire a professional to do it for you. Costs for gutter cleaning will vary depending on where you live and the size of your home, but it can typically cost between $100-250 each time. 

That might not sound much, but $400 or more over a year is a hefty sum when the chore could have been avoided altogether. 

The Benefits of Rhino Gutter Guards 

Now that we’ve discussed why you should forgo the chore of cleaning your gutters, let’s discuss how to prevent debris in your gutters in the first place, and the many benefits of Gutter Guards! 

They Offer Protection 

The simple fact is that Rhino Gutter Guards keep your gutters clean, and clean gutters mean an even flow of rainwater and no buildup of debris. The thin micro-mesh of Rhino Gutter Guards prevents leaves, dirt, pollen, bird’s nests, and more from clogging your gutters which means that water won’t overflow the sides of your gutters. Thus, water won’t be able to damage the walls of your home, its fountain, or erode the surrounding area.

Most importantly, Rhino Gutter Guards offer protection by eliminating the need for you to risk your life by climbing on a ladder to clean your gutters. It’s a win-win.

You Only Have to Install Once 

The beauty of Rhino Gutter Guards is that you’ll only have to pay once for their install to enjoy clean gutters year-round. No more bills for gutter cleaning, or having to climb up there yourself; they’ll stay clean year in and year out. 

With Rhino Gutter Guards, you get a 20-year warranty, meaning when we say that you pay once, we mean it! 

Now, there is a caveat. This isn’t a 100 percent maintenance-free product. While our Gutter Guards will keep the inside of your gutters clean and flowing, it is still possible for debris to collect on top of the mesh. But you can easily blow that off with a leaf blower or sweep it off with a broom. 

No More Gutter Cleaning Chores 

Ready to get rid of cleaning your gutters for good? We thought you might be interested! We’d be happy to install Rhino Gutter Guards on your gutters so you can eliminate the task of gutter cleaning once and for all! 

Say goodbye to that seasonal gutter cleaning chore. Get a Rhino Gutter Guard quote today—813-590-5936!