Miter Leaks: Causes and Solutions post

Miter Leaks: Causes and Solutions

If your gutters are leaking, you’ve got a problem! They’re supposed to divert water away from your house after all. Miters are the most common places for gutters to begin leaking, but don’t panic! These leaks are generally easy to spot when it rains, and quite easy to fix.

Our team at The Rhino Gutter Company talks about the cause of miter leaks and some solutions to fix them fast!

What Are Miters?

Simply put, miters are the corners of your gutter system. They are an extra piece that is installed where the gutter panel meets as an extra precaution against gutter failure. There are several different kinds of miters including inside/outside corner, box/strip, etc., and they all are designed to perform the same basic function—to wrap gutters around your home. Without them, you would need a downspout at each section of the gutter on your home.

Our Rhino Miter is a patented miter that helps to solve water damage to these sections of your home. Roof valleys collect large amounts of water and direct them to your gutter system, called the inside miter, or onto the landscaping and foundation of your home below. This can result in gutter system failure, costly home repairs, and damage to your home’s foundation.

Our Rhino Miters:

  • Enlarge the open area in the miter by 40% to handle increased water volume coming from valleys
  • Screws directly to the gutter, and the screen is inserted under the roof to ensure complete protection
  • Are made from sturdy aluminum and stainless steel
  • Eliminate the need for valley shields or diverters

Causes of Miter Leaks

There are a few common reasons that miters leak, including:

Sealant Failure

The most common cause of miter leaks is when the sealant wears out. Caulk/sealant can last anywhere from 1-5 years depending on the sealant’s contact with water and direct sunlight.

Rust or Corrosion

Another common cause of miter leaks is caused by rust and corrosion, and the most common area for this to happen is the miters.

Whenever there is rust forming on your gutters and miters, you will be able to see it. Sometimes it will only occur on the inside of the gutters, but usually you will see it forming on the miters.

If you have rust that has caused a hole, the only solution is to replace it. You could try to caulk it with sealant, but the rust will continue to grow, and the caulk won’t form a seal.

Improper Installation

If the person who installed the miters sealed them incorrectly in the first solace, then they are likely going to leak at some point.

Gutter Neglect

If you don’t clean your gutters for a few seasons and you have a bunch of decomposing debris inside them, this is what we call neglect. If the water cannot drain out of your gutters properly, it can wreak havoc on your gutter system.


Damage to your gutters or miters can happen from time to time. For example, if a big tree branch hits the edge of your home and dents your gutters, it will need to be replaced.

Signs Your Miters Are Leaking

The best way to know if your gutters and miters are leaking is to observe them when it is raining or soon after it rains.

Leaking miters are very easy to spot as miters are located at the corners of your gutter system. To check for leaks, look at each corner section when it rains and if you see water pouring or leaking from the miter, the seal has likely worn out, and the miter needs to be resealed or replaced.

A caveat: If you have a clogged downspout near the miter, it could make the miter appear to be leaking. So be sure to check the downspouts for clogs first! (You wouldn’t have to do this if you had Rhino Gutter Guards installed!)

Solutions for Leaky Miters

There is no perfect answer when your gutters are leaking as to whether you should repair or replace them; it depends largely on the condition of the existing miter.

If your miters and gutters are less than 10 years old, chances are you can just re-seal the miter. But if you notice any rust holes, dents, or corrosion on your miters, it is time to replace them.

Or, you could forgo these problems and have our team install Rhino Gutter Guards and Miters!

Protect Your Gutters

Protect your gutters from rust and corrosion with our patented Rhino Miters! Designed for high volume and problem areas in your gutter system, our miters are also equipped with a screen to keep out debris.

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