Here’s the Role Gutters Play in Your Home's Exterior post

Here’s the Role Gutters Play in Your Home’s Exterior

If you are like many homeowners, your rain gutters likely don’t cross your mind very often, and you might think of them as just a nuisance that needs to be cleaned every few months instead of a vital part of your home.

Whatever you think, rain gutters are a very important component of your home and play multiple roles in keeping your home’s exterior clean and protected. Here’s how!

Protecting Your Foundation

The primary role of your gutter system is to channel rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Trust us, water and your home’s foundation don’t mix. If water is allowed to pool around your home’s foundation, it can cause leaks and cracks.

Of course, the goal isn’t to keep your foundation completely dry as that is impossible. But an efficient drainage system helps prevent excessive water from damaging your home’s foundation.

Signs of foundation damage:

  • Wall or floor condensation
  • Leaks
  • Increased indoor humidity
  • Uneven floors
  • Bowed walls
  • Doors and windows that won’t shut
  • Gaps between the ceiling and wall
  • The musty smell of mold or mildew
  • Obvious water leaks
  • Cracks in the foundation

As your entire house rests on the foundation, it is best to keep it as solid as possible.

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Stop the Fascia from Rotting

Quality seamless gutters installed by The Rhino Gutter Company help prevent the fascia of your home from rotting. If you didn’t have gutters or they were clogged and overflowing, the water would hit the wooden fascia, breaking them down and causing rotting over time.

The average cost to repair a home’s fascia is around $2,300 and your gutters protect you from this costly problem.

Preventing Peeling Paint

One subtle sign of house damage that gutters can help prevent is peeling paint. The repeated exposure to water makes paint peel and bubble over time.

These issues often start small, so you might notice them at first. But a properly installed gutter system will prevent this problem from occurring in the first place. 

Prevent Landscape Erosion

You likely put a lot of effort into your landscaping to make your property look “just so.” It would be a shame if water washed away all of your hard work!

Gutters divert rainwater away from your plants and bushes, so it doesn’t damage them or erode the soil that they are growing in.

They also keep water from causing unsightly dips and divots in your yard.

Pest Control

Bugs love water, especially annoying mosquitoes! Without a gutter system, you may have standing water around your foundation, and even in your home. Clogged gutters are also a culprit of standing water, which could have been prevented with Rhino Gutter Guards!

Completing the Look of Your Home

Functionality aside, a gutter system gives your home one last finishing touch. It serves as a stylist detail that subtly enhances the curb appeal of your home while also keeping it protected. It’s a win-win!

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High-Quality Tampa Gutters

If your home does not have gutters and you are noticing these problems, or you have gutters, but they need to be replaced, it’s time to call our experts at The Rhino Gutter Company! We can install a new seamless gutter system complete with Rhino Gutter Guards and End Caps to protect your home from the perils of rainwater here in Tampa Bay!

Call us today for a hassle-free gutter quote; (888) 407-4466!