Here's How to Clean Your Gutters Without a Ladder post

Here’s How to Clean Your Gutters Without a Ladder

No one wants to pull out the ladder for such a dirty chore. Besides, there’s always that chance you’ll fall whether it be from a slip, misstep, or straight-up clumsiness. What if we told you that you could keep the ladder inside and still clean your gutters? It doesn’t matter how short or tall you are, there are many intuitive ways to get the job done with your feet on solid ground where they belong. Your friends at The Rhino Gutter Company are here to teach you these ways so you can play it safe!

The Tools for the Job

Garden Hose

Typically referred to as a gutter flusher, this metal pole attachment connects to your garden hose and allows you to shoot water at a high speed. As you may expect, the pole is long enough to be able to reach the gutter without the need for a ladder.


  • No expensive equipment is necessary
  • Washes away dirt


  • Leaves a huge water mess
  • Debris gets scattered
  • Difficult to control


This method requires a heavy-duty vacuum, to be exact. This is because it needs to provide enough power to support an attachment long enough to reach your gutters. These attachments are usually made with a sharp hook at the end so it’ll point down into the gutter when you hold it upwards towards the roof.


  • Collects the mess rather than push it away
  • Simple enough to use


  • Does not work with regular vacuums
  • Buying or renting a heavy-duty vacuum is costly
  • Only good for light plant-based debris
  • Cannot handle heavy objects

Rotary System

As hinted at in the name, a rotary gutter cleaning system is made up of a series of rotating brushes. As with the methods previously mentioned, these brushes are located at the end of a long pole allowing you to reach your gutters from ground level. Many versions can utilize your garden hose to add water jets to its functionality.


  • Technology specialized in gutter cleaning
  • Some models allow garden hose attachments


  • Can be expensive
  • Limited to lightweight matter
  • Unable to effectively move heavy debris


Sometimes the best way to take care of something is to use your own two hands. When your hands don’t reach, tongs are the next best thing. Imagine the grip strength of your fist but with an extended reach of twenty feet. It could also be useful for grabbing the television remote from across the living room!


  • Can reach the second-floor gutters
  • Able to grab heavier objects


  • Not very effective at thorough cleaning
  • Quickly wears down your arm strength
  • Hard to see what you’re grabbing

Ditch the Cleaning Entirely

These methods may be a great way to clean your gutters without needing a ladder, but they each come with their own fair share of flaws. In the end, you could be spending money in all the wrong places and still end up with a chore that you’d rather not do. But who says you have to do it? This is where gutter guards come in handy.

With Rhino Gutter Guards, your rain spout will never be cluttered with debris again. A fine mesh filter completely covers the trench so that nothing can get in, eliminating the need to scoop out any presents that mother nature left behind.

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If you’re interested in never having to clean your gutters ever again, give your friends at The Rhino Gutter Company a call today at 813-590-5936 to receive a free quote!