Gutter Cleaning 101 - How to Prevent Overspending on Gutter Maintenance post

Gutter Cleaning 101 – How to Prevent Overspending on Gutter Maintenance

Though cleaning your home’s gutters is not necessarily an aspect that you may enjoy, regular maintenance is required to ensure the gutters are doing their job properly.

But keeping your home well-maintained doesn’t have to cost a lot if done right. Here are some ways you can prevent overspending on gutter maintenance and take your time back! 

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Avoiding cleaning your gutters will only make the problem worse. Don’t ignore overflowing gutters as they can cause damage to your home. 

A hose will generally do the trick to clean out your gutters, but you may need something with more power such as a plumbing snake or a power washer to dislodge leaves, pine needles, and twigs from your gutters and downspouts. 

We recommend cleaning your gutters at the beginning of the spring and fall seasons. Keep in mind, you may need to increase your gutter cleaning schedule to keep your gutters clear. 

Choose Seamless Gutters

Unlike traditional sectional systems, seamless gutters are quite easy to maintain. Since they don’t have joints, they are less likely to clog, sag, or fall apart. Seamless gutters also offer a sleeker look which can increase your home’s curb appeal. 

Further, because seamless gutters are less likely to clog, they are also less likely to fail, leak, and sag. The reduced repair and maintenance costs of installing seamless gutters mean that seamless gutters virtually pay themselves off over time. 

Install RHINO Gutter Guard 

To help cut down on maintenance, consider upgrading your gutters to gutters with leaf guards to ensure leaves and other debris are trapped before making their way into your gutter system. To maintain your leaf guards, clean them out at least two times a year. 

Further, to complete the installation of our RHINO Gutter Guard system, we created uniform end caps to seal off all endpoints to keep out debris, rodents, birds, and other nuisances. 

Installing a gutter protection system like the RHINO Gutter Guard system means less risk and stress due to gutter maintenance.

Install Gutters with Splash Guards

Though you likely already have gutters, consider upgrading them to include gutter splash guards. Splash guards are installed at the base of your home’s downspouts and on your roof and ensure that water is effectively drained away from the home—instead of splashing water and dirt all over the side of your house. 

Trim Trees and Bushes 

Proper yard maintenance can help keep your gutters debris free. Trim branches and trees near your house to prevent leaves and debris from gathering in the gutters in the first place. 

Of course, the wind will carry debris into your gutters no matter how much yard work you do, but maintaining your landscaping can help reduce the need to clean debris out of your gutters. 

Check the Gutter Position

The position of your gutters is very important and taking the time to check them periodically can make sure that your system works properly. 

Gutters positioned without the proper slope won’t move unwanted water away from your home and can hinder water drainage altogether. Too much of a gutter slope can cause water to drain too quickly and can result in damage to your home’s exterior. 

Every time you clean your gutters, check the slope of your gutters to ensure that water is draining effectively. It is recommended that the slope of your gutters is one-fourth of an inch for every ten feet of gutter. 

Prevent Clogged Gutters with RHINO Gutter Guards 

Avoid the need to climb up on a ladder to clean out debris and leaves from your gutters season after season and install RHINO Gutter Guards today! 

While there is no such thing as maintenance-free gutters, once installed the RHINO needs very little attention — just an annual inspection. 

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