Five Common Gutter Problems

Five Common Gutter Problems

The first step in gutter maintenance is learning the most common problems that you will encounter. By researching the individual issues, you will be more prepared as a homeowner should any of these problems arise. Keep a lookout for these issues, and try to do all of the preventative maintenance you can. These are widespread problems, but they can cause serious issues! Here are five common gutter problems:

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the most common gutter problems. When gutters become clogged, they can’t do their job, which should be redirecting water away from your property. If water isn’t moved away from your roof, walls, and foundation, it will cause serious issues. Gutter clogging is preventable with regular gutter cleaning and maintenance. To keep them free of debris, stick to a twice-a-year maintenance program. Depending on the climate you live in, it is usually a good idea to clear them out in late fall after most of the leaves have dropped, and again in spring (March or April) to clear them out before the April showers. Or better yet, install gutter guards to prevent ever having to do maintenance again (with a 20-year warranty!) A quality gutter protection system will eliminate the amount of dirt and debris in the gutters.

Sagging Gutters

If you let your gutters clog up with debris like leaves, twigs, and standing water, overflowing water won’t be the only issue you have. Think of how heavy the weight of damp leaves and twigs become. The gutters will start to sag over time due to this constant strain. The hardware that is attached to your home can be ripped out when the sagging gutters eventually fall. 


Like tires, you won’t know you have a leak or hole in your gutter until it has already caused a problem. A solid stream of water coming down from the middle of your gutters is a sure sign of a hole. But what about leaks? Keep reading, they are tricky to find.  

Gutter Leaks 

A small leak can slowly soak water into the fascia boards under the roof, eventually leading to interior roof leaks and damage. These small leaks can also cause mold and other issues. One of the benefits of having professional gutter inspections is that your gutters are less likely to form leaks. Seams and joints become vulnerable to leaks when the sealant has been worn off. Damaged or peeled-off paint may expose the metal substrate that would later rust, increasing the chances of leaks. Both causes are preventable with regular gutter inspections. Also, consider investing in seamless aluminum gutters. We are currently offering $1500 in seamless gutters with every gutter protection system purchase. 

Damaged Gutters 

Gutters can be damaged in various ways. Weather is usually to blame for more severe damage, such as gutters that have been torn from the house, knocked down, or even blown away. The best way to prevent weather damage is to make sure your gutters are inspected and properly installed by professionals. If you live in an area that experiences inclement weather often, the likelihood of your gutters being damaged increases. Schedule an inspection or consider replacing damaged gutters before the next season. 

The RHINO Gutter Guard®

This is just a small list of the problems that leaky or malfunctioning gutters can cause. The only way to protect your house long-term is to protect your gutters. The RHINO Gutter Guard® system will keep your gutters from clogging or sagging for the next twenty years. Just imagine not having to clean your gutters for twenty years! Mention this article, and for a limited time, new seamless gutters are included with any RHINO Gutter Guard® protection system purchase—a $1500 average value!