Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as a maintenance free gutter protection product. The RHINO, once installed, should need very little attention relative to maintenance, but we do recommend having an annual inspection by your approved RHINO dealer to ensure that there are no issues. The RHINO will take HUGE volumes of water and the slight slope it is installed on should shed most of the debris. Whatever is not removed by the wind, should easily be pushed off by the water flow going through the mesh and into the gutter.
>The RHINO needs to be installed by an authorized RHINO dealer. It’s imperative, for peak performance, that a trained installer make the proper adjustments based on your situation. It’s also important that your gutters are in peak condition when installing the RHINO. Your RHINO installer will be able to determine if there are any gutter issues that need to be addressed before installation.
We require that all of our dealers make the “free” estimate as painless as possible. There is NO high pressure sales tactics employed by our dealer network. The written free estimates are given to you and when you are confident that The RHINO is the gutter protection product for you, just give the dealer a call to schedule the installation. We will not tolerate our dealers acting unprofessionally in any form. Please contact us directly if you feel this policy is being broken.

We do prefer that all homeowners be present for the estimate to not only hear the presentation but to help the dealer by listening to any problems that you may be experiencing with your gutters. This can go a long way in ensuring your 100% satisfaction.
We offer the easiest, no nonsense warranty in the industry. It’s a 20 year guarantee that your gutters will never clog when protected by The RHINO. If they do, we will refund your money in full. Please see the link on the website to read the entire warranty.
The RHINO is available in both 5″ & 6″ sizes.
We ask that you grab a raincoat and umbrella on the first good rain and go out and watch The RHINO work. If there are any issues or if there is something you are dissatisfied with, contact your RHINO dealer immediately so they can make the necessary adjustments.
The RHINO is secured to the front face of the gutters using zip screws. The back vertical leg is also screwed to the fascia board to create the inherent strength and to establish the slight “slope” that augments debris shedding.

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