Downspout Extensions - Why They Matter post

Downspout Extensions – Why They Matter

Your rain gutters play a crucial role in protecting your home from water damage. Even if you have high-quality seamless gutters or a Rhino Gutter Guard® system, there is another accessory that you should consider to help further safeguard your home from water damage—downspout extensions. 

Our team at The Rhino Gutter Company discusses what downspout extensions are and why they matter. Keep reading! 

What are Downspout Extensions? 

Downspouts are an important tool to prevent water damage, and they work with your gutters to collect rainwater and drain it away from your home’s foundation. Downspouts are pipes or channels that connect to your gutters and help direct rainwater safely away from your home. 

Downspout extensions help the downspouts redirect or drain rainwater to a specific part of your yard, preferably as far away from your home’s foundation as possible. 

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Why Downspout Location Matters

During a Tampa Bay thunderstorm, your gutters work like a funnel, channeling water from the surface of your roof into narrow downspouts. This water builds momentum as it runs through your gutters and exits that downspout with a good amount of force. 

If your downspouts aren’t equipped to carry rainwater a safe distance from your home, large amounts of water can concentrate directly around your foundation. This is NOT something you want to happen. Water can cause all kinds of structural cracks and problems along your foundation, not to mention erosion. 

That’s why having downspout extensions that direct excess water away from your home is so important. 

Installing Downspout Extensions 

If you decide to install downspout extensions, they need to be properly maintained to ensure they can work properly. Gutter downspouts not only control where the rainwater coming from your roof flows, but also keeps the deluge of water from splashing around the downspouts while preventing mold and mildew growth around your foundation. 

Types of Downspout Extensions 

Flexible Extensions: Flexible downspout extensions are plastic pipes that are bendable and direct water where you want it to go, such as around your bushes. Adapters can connect these flexible extensions to your downspouts to make them extra-long, and perforated drainage pipes can also help distribute rainwater more evenly. 

Roll-Out Extensions: Roll-out downspout extensions roll out when rain flows through them and coil up when the water stops flowing through the downspout. The disadvantage to this kind of downspout extension is that if the rainfall is not heavy enough, it might not fully uncoil and extend. 

Flip-Up Extensions: Flip-up downspout extensions are attached with a hinge to the downspout and can be flipped up when not in use. This makes it convenient when you need to mow the lawn! 

Clogged Downspout Extensions

Your downspout extensions are only as good as the gutters that they are attached to. If your gutters are clogged with leaves, pine needles, dirt, and other debris, even the best downspout extension won’t stand a chance to divert rainwater properly. 

Clogged downspouts can cause rainwater to run back under your roofline causing extensive water damage. Clogged downspouts can be a nightmare to clean, so the best way to protect your entire gutter system is to install Rhino Gutter Guards® to stop debris before it enters your gutters. 

Protect your Gutters and Downspouts with The Rhino Gutter Guard®

Don’t let debris clog your gutters and downspouts! Install Rhino Gutter Guards® on your entire system to keep rainwater flowing smoothly and safely away from your home. 

By keeping your gutters and downspout extensions clog-free, you are better equipped to prevent water damage and foundation issues. Don’t forget about our 20-year warranty! 

Ready to install Rhino Gutter Guards®? Request a no-hassle estimate online or call us today—813-590-5936!