Does Installing Gutter Guards Under My Shingles Void Their Warranty? post

Does Installing Gutter Guards Under My Shingles Void Their Warranty?

We’ve heard this misconception many times here at The Rhino Gutter Company; it’s become sort of an urban legend spread by competing gutter makers over the years to scare homeowners away from using a product that they might not carry. Fear not, it’s just a warranty scare tactic! But there are some caveats…

Our team explains why installing our patented Rhino Gutter Guards won’t (usually) void your warranty and why professional gutter and gutter guard installation is important! 

Warranty Scare Tactics

One of the key components to any roofing system is drip or rake edging, or step flashing, which is sticking metal under the shingles. Does that void your roof’s warranty? NO! Each of these components, just like Rhino Gutter Guards, is designed to be installed under shingles. And they are designed to do one very important thing: prevent water from leaking into your home and damaging your roof. 

Any company that resorts to using warranty scare tactics is one that you should steer clear of. 

The Importance of Gutters

The quality of your roofing materials is only as good as your gutters. Seriously. If your gutters are clogged, then your roof is in danger of getting damaged. Gutter guards were designed to add an extra level of protection for your roof. 

Maintaining your gutters is one of the best ways that you can ensure your roof’s longevity. Plus, by investing in a quality gutter protection product and having a professional come to install it, you don’t have to worry about your roofing warranty. 

Even though most roof warranties have language that prohibits the installation of “foreign objects” on the roof, gutter guards are specialty products that are designed to protect your roof and are acceptable additions to your roof (if installed correctly).

What if the Gutter Guards are Installed Incorrectly?

Remember we said that there were caveats? If you went the DIY route or had an unlicensed gutter company install your gutter guards, they could void your warranty if they were not properly installed and damage was done to your roof. 

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Gutter Guards Protect Your Roof 

So, now that we know that Rhino Gutter Guards won’t void your roof’s warranty, let’s talk about what they are designed to do. Not only do they protect your roof from damage, but they also help keep your warranty in place by not allowing water to damage your shingles or roof. 

Essentially, by keeping your gutters free of debris that would clog your gutters, rainwater will not end up deluging over the sides of your gutters and soaking into the edge of the roof. If this happens, the wood will eventually rot and the shingles won’t have a solid base to hold onto. Further, if your gutters aren’t working properly, other parts of your roofing system can be affected. 

Properly installed Rhino Gutter Guards also protect the walls and foundation of your house, not to mention that they work well to prevent soil erosion around your home too.

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Choose Professional Gutter Installers  

It’s easy to avoid voiding your warranty when you use an experienced and professional gutter company to install gutters and Gutter Guards for you. Not only does the installation of The Rhino Gutter Company’s patented Rhino Gutter Guards NOT void the warranty on your roof, but they come with their own 20-year warranty! 

Protect your roof with The Rhino Gutter Company! Call us today to schedule a consultation for new gutters or Rhino Gutter Guards today; 813-590-5936!