Do Screened Porches Need Gutters? post

Do Screened Porches Need Gutters?

Having a screened-in porch in Florida is a great way to enjoy evenings on the porch without pesky insects like mosquitoes bothering you. But with all the rain that we get here in Tampa Bay, you may wonder if your screened-in porch needs gutters.

Our team at The Rhino answers this question and gives you tips on how to properly protect your home with a gutter system!

The Purpose of Gutters

Gutters are used to collect rainwater that flows off your roof so it can be directed away from your home. Directing water away from your house protects the foundation of your home, as well as your landscaping, garden, and sidewalks.

The Natural Flow of Water

Think about your property. If your house sits at its lowest point, water will flow towards your home. This can cause extensive structural damage to your foundation. In such situations, it is best to install gutters on your home, including your porch.

If your house sits at the highest point of your property, water will flow away from it, so you may not need to install gutters on your porch.

The Role of Your Roof’s Overhang

A roof with a larger overhang carries more water away from your home. If your roof doesn’t have an overhand, it is important that you install gutters on your porch. Gutters tend to be much cheaper than a new roof!

Don’t worry! A gutter system will protect your home without altering the visual appeal provided by your porch. Since the porch precedes your house’s front door, having gutters to channel the water around the sides will also make the area more accessible if you want to come and go while it is raining. 

If you have a screened porch, your gutters can connect to the downspout of the side of the porch’s door, but our team can also help you find a more inconspicuous location.

Weather Considerations

Tampa Bay gets a fair amount of rain, especially in the summer months. Therefore, to protect your home, we recommend adding gutters to your porch area. Remember, dry areas that don’t receive a lot of rain may not need gutters. 

What Happens if I Don’t Have Gutters?

If you don’t have gutters, water will collect around your home, and it will eventually cause damage. Foundation caused by water damage can compromise your home’s safety and can result in expensive repairs down the road. 

This is because once water pools around your home’s foundation, it will start to leak into your home. As a result, you might have flooding or even mold growth. Water can also wear away at the siding of your home, making it possible for pests to enter your home. Water damage can even cause uneven floors and walls that are cracked.

Further, if you have a garden or landscaping near your home, rainfall can erode the soil and possibly wash your plants away. Then, the eroded garden will allow water to pool around your house.

When you have gutters installed on your porch, you don’t have to worry about water damage, as water will be carried away and drained into an area that won’t damage your house. Not to mention, the rainwater won’t be able to stain your siding!

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Professional Gutter Installation

Now that you know why it is so important to have gutters installed on your porch, it’s time to get them installed! The Rhino Gutter Company has years of experience in gutter installation, and we even have our very own patented products like our Rhino Gutter Guards, End Caps, and Miters to make your gutter system even more secure.

When you need gutter installation in Tampa Bay, call on our team at The Rhino Gutter Company! Schedule a consultation today at (888) 407-4466!