Can Pressure Washing Your Roof Damage Your Gutters? post

Can Pressure Washing Your Roof Damage Your Gutters?

It’s that time of year again when the nights are getting colder and longer, and we’re all looking forward to the holidays coming our way. Unfortunately, this time of year also means that you may be considering cleaning both the exterior and interior of your house. You may have even noticed when you’re walking around your beautiful Tampa neighborhood, some of your neighbors are pressure washing the siding on their homes. 

The truth is, while they may be taking on that kind of cleaning process themselves, it’s not something that you should do on your own because it can cause costly damage to your roof and your gutters. 

Our team at The Rhino Gutter Company explains why pressure washing your roof is one of the most costly homeownership mistakes you can make on your home, and how we can help keep your gutters running smoothly while keeping your roof clean. 

Here are some of the effects that pressure washing your roof can have on your gutters: 

Structural Damage

Using a high-pressure washer on your roof can lead to structural damage to both your roof and gutters. Professional-grade pressure washers have the power to loosen the granules on your shingles, which will then end up in your gutters and create extra weight and blockages you don’t want. Not to mention the possibility of loosening your shingles or even breaking the anchors that keep them snug to your home. This kind of structural damage turns that simple roof cleaning job into a costly nightmare you can’t fix on your own. 

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Clogged Gutters That Weren’t Clogged Before

While you’re trying to remove dirt and debris from your roof, using a pressure washer means that there’s a high possibility you’re going to send paint chips careening into your gutters. All this debris can quickly amount to massive blockages in your guttering system that takes professional repair and maintenance to reverse. Even if the paint on your home is new, a high-pressure washer can easily strip it off. Don’t clog gutters that weren’t clogged before by trying to pressure wash your roof, especially if you don’t have one of our patented Rhino Gutter Guard systems installed on your gutters. 

Incorrect Ladder Placement Causes Cracks and Tears

Tears in your gutters, that is. Unfortunately, if you’re not using the right ladder that is designed to be gutter friendly, there’s a chance you may cause further damage to your already clogged and weighed-down gutters. And unless you’re a giant from a fantasy novel or movie that can reach the roof while sitting down, you’re going to need a professional-grade ladder to pressure wash your roof. 

If you’re planning to have your roof cleaned or want to ensure that your gutter system can withstand a comprehensive cleaning by a professional pressure washing company, call our team at The Rhino Gutter Company, and we can give you a detailed installation quote for our patented Rhino Gutter Guard systems. 

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