Are Gutters Suitable for Warmer Climates? post

Are Gutters Suitable for Warmer Climates?

In the summer when it’s blazing hot, to the winter when we get a slight chill, your gutter system weathers both extremes, but did you know that hot weather can damage your gutters? This might lead you to ask, are gutters even worth it then if they can warp in hot weather?

Absolutely! But there are a few things that you can do to prevent your gutters from getting damaged in warmer climates. Our team at The Rhino Gutter Company explains how.

How Intense Heat Damages Gutters

When you walk outside on a hot summer day and notice how hot it is, think about your gutters. They are made from metal after all, and metal expands and contracts due to temperature fluctuations.

Different materials will expand and contract at different rates, but all of them will change when it’s hot outside. For example, as metal pushes against metal at the joints of your gutters, the gutters can warp.

Though it doesn’t get too cold here in Florida in the winter, cold can be equally as bad for your gutters. During cold spells, aluminum, and steel contract, and when they get smaller, the metal will move away from the joints of your gutters, causing small cracks where debris can accumulate. This can cause your gutters to sag.

Gutter Coatings

Most gutter systems are coated in some kind of protective layer. This might be full galvanization, or it might just be a thin layer of weather-resistant paint. No matter the coating, it won’t expand or contract at the same rate as the material the main body of the gutter system is made from. This can lead to cracks in the coating, meaning that the gutter is no longer protected from water. And we all know how damaging water can be!

Once water gets beneath the protective coating, the gutters will begin to deteriorate quickly. Even small amounts of chemicals in rainwater can lead to metallic corrosion of the gutters, which can slowly eat tiny holes in them, causing them to leak even more.

Gutters that are warped from the sun or are full of tiny holes are hardly better than having no gutters at all.

Therefore, the gutters need to be properly installed. Hanging them in the proper way that holds them securely to the house, but still gives them room to expand or contract as the weather changes will help prevent them from warping out of shape. Plus, having seamless gutters installed helps too. More on that below!

Seamless Gutters

If you are looking for gutter solutions that can withstand Florida’s heat, look no further than a seamless gutter system.

Since seams are the weakest area of your gutters, seamless gutters are a great option because they are, well, seamless. While seamless gutters can still change in the heat, they are custom-made from your home and are made as a single length of gutter rather than being attached at multiple joints.

Remember, fewer joints equal fewer areas of potential weakness, so there will be fewer ways for your gutters to warp during the heat or cold.

Tampa Seamless Gutters

If you want to install seamless gutters around your Tampa, Florida home, you’ve found the right team! Whatever the weather, our seamless gutters will be there to protect your home and will last longer than their traditional counterparts. Our team at The Rhino Gutter Company is ready to keep your gutters working well, no matter what each season brings.

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