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  • The History of the Gutter Guard

    While GUTTER GUARD manufacturers all claim to have “pioneered” the gutter protection industry in the recent past, the truth of the matter is that the gutter protection concept followed shortly after the invention of the gutters themselves. Patent applications for gutter protection date back into the 19th century and the quest for the “perfect” gutter guard has been an ongoing effort since. There have been literally thousands and thousands of ideas and approaches applied to this quest over the ye...

  • Types of Gutter Guards

    REVERSE CURVE PRODUCTS The principle of the reverse curve technology is that surface tension will guide water into the gutter by following the curve and allow the debris to continue past the water opening, avoiding the gutter entrapment. This does not always happen as increased velocities in heavy rainfalls causes the water to bypass the opening and over run very easily. When the rainfalls are minimal, the product principle will work, but any small debris (pine needles, shingle grit, seed pods, ...

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